SMART Goal Setting

SMART-Goal-Setting UXO Supplements

We get a lot of inquiries on how to lose weight, gain muscle, etc. And I tell people, "That goal is too vague". If you really want to see improvements and want to go after a goal, you need to start with SMART action planning or goal setting. 

If my goal is to lose weight . . . If I lose 1lb. or 20lb. I hit the goal. We need to break things down a little more . . . So, what is SMART goal setting? It is an acronym for goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Let's put it into action here with the goal to lose weight.


Specific: Rather than saying I want to lose weight. Try: "I want to lose 10lbs of body fat."

Measurable: How will you measure your goal? Try: "I want to lose 10lbs of body fat, and will measure it using my Withings weight and body fat scale."

Attainable: Is your goal realistic? Try: "I want to lose 10lbs of body fat in 2 months" . . . if the average person loses 1-2lbs. per week when in a healthy caloric deficit. So, yes, this goal would be reasonable. 

Relevant: If your goal is to lose body fat, all tasks surrounding the goal should be focused toward burning fat and potentially maintaining muscle. You do not want to muddy the process with any ideations outside of that goal.

Timely: As we identified above, the goal is to lose the 10lbs of body fat in 2 months. Mark that date on your calendar. This is the deadline for your goal. This is when you will be proud of your accomplishment. Mission Complete.

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