Grow Bigger Rear Delts

Grow-Bigger-Rear-Delts UXO Supplements

Training Tip Tuesday: Grow Bigger Rear Delts with a few simple technique changes.

1) Sit away from the support leaning into it. This forces you to engage the rear delts. When you sit upright, there is a good chance you are engaging upper back muscles from the beginning.

2) Push your arms out to the maximum range. Keep arms fully extended through the motion. Again, this engages the rear delts through the entire motion.

3) Focus on your traps. Keep them disengaged. If you feel them starting to tense and take over motion, you are using too much weight and need to reduce it.

4) Range of motion should come in less than 90 degrees. This keeps the muscle contraction focused on the rear delts. Extending the range of motion beyond that engages the upper back

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