Collagen for Strength Training

Collagen-for-Strength-Training UXO Supplements

Collagen has become very popular over the past few years. Let’s start by understanding what it is. There are different protein sources out on the market today. Collagen is the protein that makes up cartilage, ligament, and tendons . . . our major joint focused proteins. It is also the protein found in our bones and structural components such as skin, hair, and nails. So when you look at whey protein . . . This source is great for muscle growth. But Collagen is vital for joint health, connective tissue health, skin health, etc.


Here is why Collagen is important for strength athletes and bodybuilders. When you are training, studies have shown that the majority of the delayed onset muscle soreness that we experience after the fact comes from connective tissue being damaged. So supplementing Collagen has been shown to reduce soreness. This ultimately means, you can recover faster, and train harder. Also, think about injury. Overtraining or even compromised form in a lift can lead to injury which leads to time off from the gym. Part of injury recovery is at the connective tissue level. So supplementing collagen can actually strengthen ligaments, tendons, and such, making the joints and connective tissue more resistant to injury.


For bodybuilders or athletes who look for aesthetics. Your skin needs to look good. There are tons of studies that show Collagen is important for skin elasticity and anti-aging effects, including the health of the skin. If you are young and you want to stay healthy, ensure you are supplementing with Collagen. If you are prone to injury, ensure you are supplementing with Collagen. If you are looking for ways to slow down the appearance of aging, ensure you are supplementing with Collagen.


So where do I get Collagen . . . You can purchase containers of Collagen that mix with Coffees and Teas. Collagen like ours that is heavier in Type 3 (Focused more on tendons and ligaments) tend to be a little thicker, so using a frother is recommended. Bone Broth is another great source of Collagen and can be found at many grocery stores.


What is the recommended dosage? 10-20g per day for women 20-30g per day for men.

What is the best time to take Collagen? The optimal time is either first thing in the morning or closer to your workout time. Why closer to your workout time? When you train there is more blood flow occurring. This will help transport the collagen to your muscle and connective tissue more efficiently.


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