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These are the 5 main things we determined you should carry in your gym bag at all times . . . 

1.) Shower And Body Essentials . . . Nobody likes a smelly kid

Deodorant. This is a must-have, and you should never assume that your morning application will last you throughout the day, even after exercising. Nobody wants to smell your stinky pits . . . Just because you don't smell them, doesn't mean that others around you won't. Don't be the smelly kid, it is very hard to overcome that perception.

Shampoo and body wash. Self-explanatory. Wash the gym grime off of you before putting on your workday attire. Again, the thing we said about being the smelly kid above. 

Antibacterial gel. Call me a hippie if you want. Even if the gym equipment is sprayed regularly, there may still be germs in the room, and the best way of protecting yourself from them is by having an antibacterial gel.

Lotion. A little lotion goes a long way. It is recommended to find those with natural ingredients and those that can protect your skin from soap or harsh weather conditions. Plus all men want buttery soft man paws.

2.) Clothing

Even if you wear your gym clothes to the gym, there are a few things that you need to be stored in your bag, just in case you need to change after the workout or need to hit the gym in between meetings. You should also carry a pair of sandals or flip-flops and "clean" underwear. I hope I don't have to explain "clean" for the underwear part. And for god sake . . . Wear your flip- flops in the locker room. Don't bear foot it . . . wind up getting staff infection and having a foot amputated. 

Keep a pair of gym shoes readily available. I don't know how many times I forgot my sneakers and had to workout in dress shoes. Nothing makes you look more like a meathead than running on a treadmill in penny loafers.

3.) Headphones . . . with a full charge

Headphones help keep you in the zone. Put on your gym playlist and crank it. Nothing is more motivating than hitting a new PR to Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman". Plus with headphones in if someone you don't really want to talk to approaches you, pretend like you are on a call and shoo them away. Check the charge. The most agonizing pain is throwing in your headphones to hear that low battery beep. You spend the rest of your workout with the dead headphones on because you don't want to be bothered or have to hear the douche boy conversation happening next to you. 

4.) Accessories

A weight belt is a definite must if you are squatting, deadlifting, etc. This will protect your back and form when trying to lift some heavier weights. No shame in being safe. Wrist wraps add additional support to bones in your wrists and keep proper alignment. Lifting straps . . . Because you have a weak ass grip. Your girl won't even ask you to open up a jar to save you the embarrassment. 

5.) Shaker and Intraworkout

Hydration is key when working out. You need to have your trusty shaker (hopefully it is clean and does not reek of 4-day old protein that was never washed out) in your gym bag and ready to go. What is more important is what is in the shaker . . . Water does not cut it when it comes to hydration. You need electrolytes, EAAs, hydration ingredients like coconut water. These deliver nutrients to your muscles while holding in fluids to keep your body hydrated and primed. Check out Charlie Mike as an amazing intra workout formula. Designed to elevate performance and maximize hydration with an incredible taste. 

Charlie Mike Intraworkout formula


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