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Why deloads are important

Why deloads are important - UXO Supplements
So what is a deload? A deload is a period of time (3-7 days) in which you perform less volume than usual to assist in overall recovery. 
Deloads are an important piece of any long-term training program. You can pre plan deloads or take them reactively when your body starts to plateau . . . Regardless, they play a large role in maintaining your pace of progress and seeing strength increases.
Deloads are meant to be restorative and get you back to 100%. There have been several studies with universities that found athletes experienced significant muscle growth during a taper period. This goes to show that muscle growth could be sparked by the body as part of the restorative period for more efficient recovery. 
So, if you find yourself hitting a plateau . . . Your body probably needs some recovery. What is the right amount of weight? It depends on the individual, but I would recommend sticking to the same routine, the same number of reps and sets . . . But drop the weight to about 60% of your normal volume for 3-7 days. While it may not feel challenging and even be a little boring, it is necessary to push your performance forward!

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