Squats for Hamstring Growth?

March 28, 2022 1 min read

Squats for Hamstring Growth?

Squats are an amazing exercise for leg development and core strength. But let's look closer at leg development . . . Squatting is great for quad and glutes, but what about Hamstrings??

Recent studies have shown that very little hamstring activation occurs during a squat. There are various other studies that have found little to no hamstring growth from this exercise. So, I guess I should stop squatting now! WRONG. Squats are one of the best exercises to perform for quad, glute, core, and adductor development. So definitely keep it in your leg day routine.

Now, if you are looking to increase hamstring strength and size. There are several exercises that show explosive results. Lying Leg Curls and Stiff legged Deadlifts are 2 of our favorites. Lying Leg curls is all about the contraction and slow release of the fast twitch muscle. Stiff legged deadlifts is all about the lengthening of the muscle with contraction forced through the glutes. Both will help you see significant Hamstring growth to even out the quads from squatting. 

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