Bicep Growth and Angles

Bicep-Growth-and-Angles UXO Supplements

Let's face it . . . Biceps are a glamor muscle. Every dude wants eye catching biceps with Veins tearing through them. Ladies want arm definition and to feel strong. So maybe you are in a spot where you can't seem to get them to grow . . . Or you just aren't seeing any strength gains in the arm department. Have you tried varying the grip on your curls?

Biceps are a prime supinator. So when doing curls with pinkies up (isometric supination) you are activating the bicep and focusing your efforts there. Here is the lesser known fact. If you want bigger biceps or to increase strength, you need to focus on the more important muscle that lies beneath the bicep- the brachialis.

The brachialis is the prime mover of the elbow and it generates about 50% more power than the bicep does!! By targeting the brachialis you will start to see more strength and power output in your curls. Since the brachialis resides under the bicep . . . The stronger and larger it becomes causes it to push the bicep out even more creating that fuller arm look. 

So . . . How do I target the brachialis?

In order to target the brachialis, you have to take your biceps out of the equation. The best way to do this is to switch the grip of your curl to a forearm pronation, or Hammer Curls. This forces the contraction away from the bicep and to the hidden gem found under them (brachialis).

Does this mean I should stop doing regular curls?

No, you should continue to do both. But if your goal is to have bigger biceps and/or increase strength . . . You need to incorporate Hammer Curls or Reverse curls into your arm day routine. 

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