5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

5-Tips-to-Avoid-Holiday-Weight-Gain UXO Supplements

Holiday weight gain is a major concern with a lot of adults. Seasonal holidays encourage overeating, and inactive behaviors. However, holiday weight gain does not need to inevitable. Remember, we control our environments . . . or how we react to things in them. So here are 10 simple things you can do to avoid the dreaded holiday #'s.

  • Be active with family and friends

Sitting on the couch, binge watching Netflix with the family will definitely contribute to the holiday lbs., especially if you combine it with overeating. Grab your loved ones and do an after dinner walk, let the dog's stretch those legs and get some exercise too. Look for community events, 5k walks, runs, etc. Use your gym membership . . . Plus you will feel better by doing these things.

  • Watch Portion sizes

It is too easy to overload your plate. Those who eat bigger portions, tend to gain weight easier than those who don't. Use food labels to your advantage. If they are not available use your best judgement to take a reasonable amount of food.

  • Sleep is King

Depriving sleep actually increases your hunger hormone levels, causing you to crave more food and intake more calories. Plus, less sleep equals lower metabolism, leading to less efficient calorie expenditure.

  • Control your stress!!!

Holidays are stressful times. People who experience more stress have higher levels of Cortisol. High Cortisol levels has been linked to weight gain in multiple studies. Controlling stress is always important. However, even more so when surrounded by hoards of unhealthy and abundant food.

  • Increase Protein

Holidays are generally focused on carb and sugar reich foods and snacks. Ensure you are taking in plenty of protein. Protein will make you feel fuller, which can assist with weight control. This reduces your calorie intake by reducing hunger. Protein also increases your metabolism which will help your caloric burn throughout the day. Try to include 25-30g of Protein with each meal. 


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