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5 Benefits to having a training partner

5 Benefits to having a training partner - UXO Supplements

I find working out solo has its benefits . . . it allows me to clear my head, and as endorphins release, ideation starts to slip in. This unlocks my creative juices and allows for new energy to flow.

However, when I train with a gym partner (the right gym partner), we encourage one another . . . We push each other harder. 

Here are 5 benefits to training with a buddy . . .

    1. Competition- Having the right individual as your training partner helps you push new limits. Challenge each other with healthy competition. Try to outperform one another. Bottom line, competition drives results.
    2. You will have more fun- Crushing a workout is obviously top priority. One way you can crush a workout is by making it more engaging, having fun . . . It is good to switch things up and keeping the mind fresh too.
    3. New ideas- having another set of eyes on your form is always a huge plus. I have been lifting for over 10 years . . . That doesn't mean I know everything. In this lifestyle, you need to be open to new perspectives and new ways of thinking. Just like in life, this is how you grow and become better.
    4. Assisted reps- having a spotter there allows you to really push the envelope . . . whether that is adding more weight or pushing to absolute failure. This will help you tear down more muscle fiber allowing for new muscle growth.
    5. Remove distraction- working with a partner generally means you are alternating sets and spotting. This keeps the focus on the session and doesn't allow for external distractions to take over. 


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