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Why is it that powerlifters take a longer break in between sets as compared to most bodybuilders? 

Periodization is important and plays a huge role in your training style. Research found that taking a 1 min rest in between sets caused far more metabolic stress on the muscles. Is this good? 

If you are trying to maximize the pump or the conditioning effects of your muscles, you would want to rest for 60 sec. in between sets. This will lead to that roadmap veiny look that many want to have. This creates more growth from the increased lactate produced from the metabolic stress created from shorter rest periods. 

Resting for longer periods of time (3 minutes) allows the central nervous system to calm back down while reducing the amount of metabolic stress being placed on the muscle group. So what is the trade-off? While you lose out on pump with this type of training rhythm, you will see increases in strength and generally explosiveness in the movements. 

So what are you training for? Pump or Strength? Time your rest periods in between sets accordingly.

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