How often should I use pre?

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A lot of people are curious about how often they should take preworkout. The truth is, it depends on the person. Some people can tolerate stimulants well and don't experience any negative side effects, while others may feel overstimulated or anxious. Many preworkouts on the market today contain a bunch of stimulants, which can lead to adrenal fatigue if taken too often. It's important to cycle off of stimulants every once in a while so that your adrenal gland can reset.

Here are 5 symptoms that you may experience when suffering from adrenal fatigue:

- Feeling tired or exhausted all the time

- Trouble sleeping

- Difficulty concentrating

- Cravings for salty or sweet foods

- Easily irritable

If you find that you are struggling to get through your workouts or you just don't have the energy that you used to, it might be time to take a break from preworkout, energy drinks, coffee . . . and pretty much all stimulants. Will your workouts suffer? I feel like we all have motivation deep down inside us to push us through our workouts. But if you need something to give you that added pump, endurance, and recovery benefits without the stimulants. Well, that's why we created our Stim Free pump capsules called "Pump Action". They allow you to get the same great pump without all of the stimulants! So if you're looking to ween yourself off of preworkout, Pump Action is a great substitute. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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