Face it . . . everybody wants to have that popping booty but does not always have enough time in the schedule to make it to the gym.  Great News!!!  We have found 6 core exercises that do not require equipment.  You can do these in the confines of your own home . . . Ladies, now you don't have to worry about the creepers in the corner gawking at you while you are trying to put in work.

1. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on your back in the sit-up position: Knees bent and soles of feet on the floor in front of you.  Straighten one leg, pointing it at a 45 degree angle as shown in the picture below.  When you exhale, squeeze your glutes and push your hips upward as far as they will go.  Take a brief pause and then inhale while lowering body towards the floor without letting your butt touch the ground.  Repeat this 20 Reps per side.

2. Leg Rainbows

Begin on all ours with arms straight, palms on the ground, knees hip width apart. Extend your right leg with toes pointed towards the sky.  Bring the leg down and to the right and tap the ground.  Raise the leg back up to the sky, bring the leg to the left side (over your left foot) and tap the ground again.  This is one count.  Perform 20 reps each leg. 

3. Leg Lifts

Start in the push up position. Hands shoulder width apart, with palms on the ground. With your body in a straight line, Lift your right leg and bend it at a 90 degree angle.  Try to point toes towards the ground in order to flex proper muscles. Squeeze your glutes and and raise your right heel towards the sky as high as you can. pause and then bring back to starting position.  20 reps per side. 

4. Single Leg Toe Touch

Stand on one foot with the opposite leg bent in front of you at at belly button height. Tighten your glutes as you bend forward.  As you bend forward, kick your bent leg behind you creating a straight line with your upper torso.  Pause, then return to the starting position.  20 reps per leg. 

5. Sumo Squat

Feet should be wider than shoulder width apart. Keep toes pointed forward.  Sit back into your normal squat.  Once you reach your squat position, rebound a few inches up, transition your toes to 45 degree angle outward, and squat even lower.  Pause, then rebound back up and point toes forward.  20 Reps total. 

6. Heel Lift Sumo Squat

Start with your legs and feet just wider than shoulder width apart.  Toes pointed at 45 degree angle outward.  Raise one heel as you lower your body. Now, lower your hips and butt towards the floor, ensure to keep your knees behind your toes (avoids unnecessary wear on knee).  Pause in your deep squat then raise back to starting position.  Complete 20 reps per heel. 

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