Fuel Point
Fuel Point
Fuel Point
Fuel Point
Fuel Point

Fuel Point

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Fuel Point is our carbohydrate product that can be used before, during, or after training sessions to "Fuel" performance and support recovery. Unlike cheaper carb products on the market today, Fuel Point contains two of the fastest digesting carbs on the market today with Carb10® and Cluster Dextrin®.


Both these trademarked/patented carbs are designed to convert to energy quickly. The goal: provide sustained release of energy for your muscles to use without a spike in blood sugar levels or insulin response.



20g Cluster Dextrin® as a carbohydrate supplement is a beneficial source of sustained-release carbohydrates, but it’s also gentle on the stomach and doesn’t spike insulin levels like fast-acting carb sources (e.g. dextrose, sucrose, and maltodextrin).


6g CARB10® a unique pea starch with probiotic like properites. It is a source of clean, sustained energy. It is perfectly suited to the physical demands of dedicated athletes, busy professionals, and those attentive to maintaining a healthy weight.