Deficit Rear Lunges with a Glute Focus

March 15, 2022 1 min read

Deficit Rear Lunges with a Glute Focus

Deficit Rear Lunges (Glute Focused) This Training Tip Tuesday is for the ladies!! Grow your Glutes with coach Molly Greer!

Deficit a reverse Lunges with a Glute Focus.

✅ Grab a weight plate or any other flat raised surface at the gym to create a deficit.

✅ Slight lean forward to engage glutes.

✅ Longer stride for the full range of motion and deeper stretch.

✅ Squeeze your glute at the bottom, drive through the heel of the stationary/working leg back to the starting position.

✅ Use a full range of motion by touching knee to the ground.

✅ Chin slightly tucked to keep a neutral spine and a tight core.

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