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Oh the infamous "Leg Day" and the hours of pain that your body will feel.  We have all been there . . .  Wake up early, pumped to be headed to the gym, preworkout is already in the system.  And then it hits you . . . It is leg day!!!!  You start making excuses to not go through with it, looking for alternative escapes, "I can do chest again, it wont hurt to skip legs this week".  There are many benefits to putting in the time to do squats, other than just having bigger and stronger legs.  Check out why you should be thrilled it is leg day and headed to the gym with a grin.

#1 Improved Core

With all of the weight pressing down on your shoulders, your core has to work incredibly hard to stabilize your posture.  Because of this Squats are a valuable exercise when looking for those 6 pack abs.  

#2 Increased Hormones

Squats are a full body workout.  Pushing your body on squats increases the amount of hormones released creating an anabolic state for your body.  This leads to muscle growth all over, not just in your legs.  

#3 Better Flexibility

Deep squats stretches out the muscle groups in the thighs, hamstrings, and hip flexors.  This will reduce stiffness and soreness in these areas.  Improved flexibility and helping you become more agile with lower body motions.

#4 Reducing Injury

Putting on more muscle in your lower half is important when it comes to bodily injury. The more muscle you have surrounding key joint areas (knees and hips), the better chance you have of avoiding injury in these areas.  

#5 Workout Efficiency

It is easy to become accustomed to our workout regiments.  It is important to change it up as much as possible to keep the muscles confused.  As stated earlier Squats are a full body workout motion. Challenge yourself with weights during squats to get more out of this one single exercise than doing multiple others. 

There are so many benefits to squatting for the entire body.  It can be a painful workout and many dread it.  But, remember if there is no pain there cannot be any progress.  There are the basic benefits of squatting not covered in the above blog too.  Don't forget about improved vertical for jumping, increased leg strength and size.  Also squats do amazing things for your glutes giving you the booty you want. So next time you come upon leg day, recap these benefits to yourself and go destroy some weights. 

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