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We are a small Veteran owned business with 1 focus in mind. Provide quality sports nutrition products that are both safe and effective to use. As combat Soldiers, we understand the physical demands of war, and how the body reacts to various stresses. For many like us, who suffer from PTSD or anxiety, we find sanctuary in the gym. It is our therapy. We go in on a mission, destroy the weights, and leave with internal peace. We could choose to medicate or dive into a bottle . . . But we are Warfighters, we choose the hardened route, we chose to eliminate the voices in our heads and focus on self improvement. If this resonates with you, you are a Warfighter too. Join us on our mission. Fuel your body with quality products and elevate your body and mind.


Each product is designed to meet a specific need. You can stack any of the products together to help you reach a specific goal, whatever it may be. Because we are still small in size, we are nimble and can react faster to the changing environment. We use this to our advantage and continue to refine and evolve our products to become an industry leader.

Each product is designed with trademarked or quality sourced ingredients, backed with research. The raw ingredients undergo microbial testing upon receipt for bacteria and other toxins. After passing, they are moved into production at our FDA registered and GMP Certified facilities meeting the gold standard in the industry. The final product is then staged and held for 3rd Party testing to ensure label accuracy and free of banned substances. You can feel confident in your purchase knowing you are getting a quality products at reasonable prices. 


-Adam Savage

That is what separates Warfighters from the pack. Warfighters refuse to fail, we always know it is a possibility. We find ways to overcome and achieve victory, no matter the circumstances.


When I exited the military I was kind of lost. Had lost my identity or my purpose. It is a difficult thing to go through, and unfortunately many Soldiers go through this as they are discharged. I spent the next few months devising my next move. I was passionate about fitness and sports nutrition. I had learned so much during my time in the military about the ingredients and the dark side of the industry, that I decided to educate others. UXO Supplements was formed out of this. The drive behind this vision is giving back to non-profit organizations who drive change within the Veteran Community. Join our mission, join our new fight.