BAILEY is not only an amazing human being, she is one of the hardest working athletes I know. Her dedication to the sport and to better herself is unrivaled by anybody. She took overall 1st place in her first figure competition which earned her a paid trip to compete for her IFBB Pro card. This was a daunting task . . . She had to compete against seasoned veterans in the sport and had to place 1st overall again to earn Pro status. Her consistency and drive in the gym shined through. It is absolutely unheard of for someone to to get their Pro card in one attempt. Now she is on to her next BIG Challenge . . . take on the world's greatest, on her quest to reach the Olympia Stage. Follow her on her journey through weekly VLOGS, watch her program and learn from one of the best in the business as her coach, Chet Nichols, fine tunes her body and preps her for the season.

This is not like other programs . . .

The nutrition is difficult and the workouts are intense. If you follow this, you will see results . . . It will not happen overnight, it will not be easy, the workouts are intense, and the nutrition plan takes a unique breed of person. Your mind will challenge you, your body may want to give up . . . If you think you can hang with Bailey, watch the videos and download the guides today!! If you think . . . This is a program for girls, not for a dude bro like me . . . Get over yourself and check your ego at the door!! I bet you can't keep up.

Week 1