Soldiers face constant adversity and need to be resilient. It is engrained in their brain to never give up . . . to push forward, regardless of the challenges that await them. However, high stress situations create demons that nag at the fiber of our very being. I have seen too many times Soldiers being pushed medication . . . Here take this for your anxiety . . . take this for PTSD . . . take this to help you sleep. Hell, I was one of them. Personally, I found that the gym was therapy. Throwing iron around and focusing on bettering myself led to a release of endorphins that just made me feel better. Way better than the meds I was being prescribed. 

Unfortunately, all Soldiers have different experiences, see different things, and handle stress in different ways. Some seek help, some find other alternatives, such as self medication through alcohol or drugs. Some never find a way to cope. On average, 22 Veterans / Service-members commit suicide daily. It is becoming an epidemic, and there needs to be active measures taken to reduce that number. We have partnered with Mission22 (a true 501c3 non profit organization) for Veteran suicide awareness and prevention. A portion of each sale is donated to assist them with their mission.

We will continue to grow, we will continue to implement change . . . join us on our journey.