What is Beta-Alanine

What-is-Beta-Alanine UXO Supplements

Let's talk through the benefits of Beta-Alanine found in both of our Preworkout formulas.

Beta-alanine . . . What is it? It is an Amino Acid derivative and is a precursor to Carnosine in the body.

What does this mean? In Layman’s terms: Beta-Alanine creates more Carnosine for your body. So what is Carnosine? Carnosine is a buffer that removes the acidity from lactic acid that infiltrates your muscles as you workout. Everybody has experienced lactic acid from training and the accompanying muscle soreness from reaching muscle failure.

By buffering the flow of lactic acid, your muscles are able to get a few more reps in before reaching muscle failure. When you do more reps, you are getting more training volume, when you are getting more training volume in, you can get bigger, you can get stronger, you will see more endurance.

What are the side effects? When you take an amount over 0.5g you get paresthesia . . . sounds scary right?!?! It’s just the tingles. It is a harmless side effect and is not an allergic reaction or an inflammatory response. It is caused by MAS-related and sensory neurons' response to the beta-alanine. Beta-alanine excites these neurons and this is why it causes your skin to tingle; especially in your face and hands. Don't worry about it. It is a good thing. It means the Beta-Alanine is working, and your lifts will improve from it.





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